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What your customers think about your manicure table ?

Manicure Tables Whether you are just about to open a manicure store or running an existing service, have you ever wondered what your customers’ think about your manicure service? Maybe this one will help!

– I want the table on that spot!
Manicure tables have a huge role. It’s not just about a table that organizes your manicure devices; it’s is also essentially the place that your current and potential customer will put her hands on top of in the end. If your manicure table is facing the window or a plasma TV, you will realize that people go there to reserve a spot before the other tables and places that are available..
It’s not a theater seat, but still, people want the most strategic location to have a manicure.

Hence, be sure to arrange those tables in a way that customers would love to directly sit without thinking twice.

– Get the dirt off, please!
No matter how bad she wants a manicure, she will think twice if those manicure tables are dirty. You should spend your time in cleaning the desks despite accepting customers in a row. It makes great sense that your customer would love a clean slate table to put their arms on.

– Thanks so much for that comfy arm rest!
There are many types of manicure tables. The one with eye-catching color or cute ornament will get the most girls. That’s the trade if you want to make a successful nail grooming service. You have to make sure that your table speaks to your client as if they are waiting for them to sit. The table has to have comfortable pads or pillows that client can use.

– I want that lady to do me manicure
Your customer will have her favorite staff in your store. She will pick the friendliest one she knows with good polishing record. This is because manicure takes lot of time and they want to start a great chat. Keep an eye to those kinds of people and hire more like them. It will keep your customers coming back for more.

Manicure Tables– I hate the table running here and there!
That’s the consequence of wheeled table. Sometimes it gives an unnecessary mobility that makes the manicure process doesn’t go well. Rolling wheels may be an efficient transporter but you need to consider how often you need to mobile your manicure table. You can choose fixed table instead. It may not be moved around but it gives you hassle free job to pain those nails.

– Wow, I love this!
Your customer may not tell you if she is excited with your interior. But apart from that, she will keep the excitement inside. But she will definitely come back if you have great furniture arrangement that no other salon does.


Where to get manicure tables?

manicure tablesThis is a quite simple question to answer. But if you want to find the best manicure tables, then you need to start your search by reading this very carefully. In here you will find multiple tips that will help to find that essential table that is perfect for you and that will fit all of your needs.

Manicure table is a set of furniture used by manicure specialists for nail grooming purposes. The table is a custom design made especially to cater the manicure purpose and ease the job. It is wise to be selective to get the best value. There are numbers of essentials to consider besides the price. If you want to get a great bargain out of manicure table, here are a few places to go!

This is the fastest and most convenient way to get manicure tables. Online purchase allows you to choose and compare different items without hassle. You will be surprised to the wide range of prices that online stores could give you. To get the best value of money, you need to do a little research to various websites and find which one that offers the best in terms of quality and pricing.
However, the low side of online store is that you cannot really know the durability because you don’t get to see them in real. You don’t know if the material is sturdy according to the picture or it is just an expensive junk. You have to be pretty sure that the price is reasonable before you regret your decision.

Your research can begin with browsing through eBay or Amazon. These are great online resources to compare your tables and find the best features. You can also read customer’s reviews and see which table gets the most likes from them. Often time, you’ll get best deals up to 20% discounts.

manicure tableVintage table supplier
If your nail grooming is in classic theme, you can find manicure tables from vintage suppliers. Vintage tables may be more expensive than a conventional unit but it gives a unique touch to your grooming area. You just need to find the table that suits with your budget.
Vintage table adds personal touch to your salon. You need to ensure that it has long lasting guarantee because you don’t want to end up buying a piece of old furniture that easily gets rotten.

Table manufacturer
The table manufacturers can be from local company or someone you know working in the business. This way, you can order large quantity of manicure tables with much cheaper price. You can also design your own unique table and ask them to get it customized for your needs. Manufacturers give lower rate than retail stores or online stores. They don’t need to mark up the cost because they are playing with quantities without neglecting qualities.


Which choice to make for manicure tables?

Manicure tablesManicure tables are necessary for any nail manicurists to properly do their job right and efficiently. It helps them to set at a flat surface to perform their work. The nail table is like an office desk along with drawers and other features like arm rest and foot pads. Whether you are getting it from the store nearby or an online shop, you need to consider a few things that we have put on the lists below.

Choosing the manicure tables
Wood or steel
There are various types of materials that a manicure table can be made with and involove. Wooden table is more famous than any other materials because it can be shaped according to the style. Woods also give warmth for the client that puts their arms on the rest pad. But the wood can be really bulky, too.

Steel can also be your alternative when picking a manicure table material. However, steel can get rusty and if you are opting for the stainless material, it gets more expensive. What’s more, steel tables add a minimalists and rustic feature to your space. If this is what you want your interior to look like, then go for a steel manicure table.

Fixed or rolling
The fixed manicure tables won’t allow you to move them around. Hence, it stays where you place it from the beginning. It may take more people to transport it from place to place. Fixed tables are for a wide space area of nail grooming activities. This way, you can put as many as you need without having to move them around.
Rolling tables are the ones with wheels. You can move these tables around to your customers’ seats. It gives a practical and efficient way to work on those nails. You can organize the instruments in the drawers and grab it when you need it.

Manicure tablesMany trays or many drawers
It depends on how you want the table to look. If you dislike a clutter table, then you should find the one with loads of drawers to keep your nail polishes. But if you want to attract customers with the varieties of manicure instruments you have, you can buy the one with trays that can exhibit the beautiful vibrant colors of your nail polishes.

Cheap or expensive
The cost is a relative measurement but it is one of the things to consider. Manicure tables come in varieties of sizes and shapes. The material also determines the price you pay for each unit. Table with many drawers and custom shapes may cost more than a conventional manicure table. Rolling table cost cheaper than the bulky one because the fixed tables generally own better quality. If you are purchasing a great amount of the tables, many supplier stores can give you discounts for your purchase.